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As one of the most popular accelerators, Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) has demonstrated high computing power in several application fields. On the other hand, GPU also produces high power consumption and has been one of the most largest power consumers in desktop and supercomputer systems. However, software power optimization method targeted for GPU has(More)
Agroforestry practice is believed to be an effective means of maintaining and improving soil fertility, and is widely used by farmers around the world. To gain better understanding of the effects of agroforestry practice on soil fertility, the organic carbon content, total nitrogen content, microbial biomass, basal respiration, and activity of soil enzymes(More)
RATIONALE The majority of drug abusers are incapable of sustaining abstinence over any length of time. Accumulating evidence has linked intense and involuntary craving, Impulsive decision-making and mood disturbances to risk for relapse. However, little is known about temporal changes of these neuropsychological functions in methamphetamine (METH)-dependent(More)
As the system scales up continuously, the problem of power consumption for high performance computing (HPC) system becomes more severe. Heterogeneous system integrating two or more kinds of processors, could be better adapted to heterogeneity in applications and provide much higher energy efficiency in theory. Many studies have shown heterogeneous system is(More)
Edaravone, a free radical scavenger, is the first clinical drug of neuroprotection for ischemic stroke patients in the world, and has been shown to be an effective agent to alleviate cerebral ischemic injury. It has been established that acidosis is a common feature of cerebral ischemia and underlies the pathogenesis of ischemic stroke. In the present(More)
Graphic Processing Unit (GPU), with many light-weight data-parallel cores, can provide substantial parallel computing power to accelerate several general purpose applications. Both the AMD and NVIDIA corps provide their specific high performance GPUs and software platforms. As the floating-point computing capacity increases continually, the problem of(More)
As a well-known phenomenon, total mRNAs poorly correlate to proteins in their abundances as reported. Recent findings calculated with bivariate models suggested even poorer such correlation, whereas focusing on the translating mRNAs (ribosome nascent-chain complex-bound mRNAs, RNC-mRNAs) subset. In this study, we analysed the relative abundances of mRNAs,(More)
  • Guibin Wang
  • 2010
As one of the most popular many-core architecture, GPUs have illustrated power in many non-graphic applications. Traditional general purpose computing systems tend to integrate GPU as the co-processor to accelerate parallel computing tasks. Meanwhile, GPUs also result in high power consumption, which accounts for a large proportion of the total system power(More)
Traditional farming practices suggest that cultivation of a mixture of crop species in the same field through temporal and spatial management may be advantageous in boosting yields and preventing disease, but evidence from large-scale field testing is limited. Increasing crop diversity through intercropping addresses the problem of increasing land(More)
Interconnection network plays an important role in scalable high performance computer (HPC) systems. The TH Express-2 interconnect has been used in MilkyWay-2 system to provide high-bandwidth and low-latency interprocessor communications, and continuous efforts are devoted to the development of our proprietary interconnect. This paper describes the(More)