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From financial statistics to nutritional values, we are frequently exposed to quantitative information expressed in measures of either extreme magnitudes or unfamiliar units, or both. A common practice used to comprehend such complex measures is to relate, re-express, and compare them through visual depictions using magnitudes and units that are easier to(More)
As a response to the current navigational format of online news, which is linear, chronological, and heavily delineated by topics, we propose a more discursive and heuristic model of navigation that will offer readers a variety of lenses, interpretations, and pathways to read through a news site. Through an analysis of two prominent discursive models of(More)
This project explores how the visualization of sentiments, extracted from social media posts, can foster transparency and strengthen relations between businesses and their customers. Guided by the nature of the data and an iterative design based on our end users' feedback, we examine a variety of visualization styles and metaphors as possible directions for(More)
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