Gui-qing Wang

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OBJECTIVE To explore the exposed level of stroke risk factors in Fengxian county of Shanghai and the relationships between risk factors and stroke. METHODS Community based populations including 10,565 individuals aged 40 years old and over were cluster sampled from Fengxian county in 2003 or 2004. Status of exposure on common risk factors such as(More)
OBJECTIVE To present data from a baseline investigation on stroke-related cohort population in rural area of Shanghai. METHODS A cross-sectional study was carried out in a cluster sampling population aged 40 years and over. General information and data on common risk factors in the population were gathered and cerebral vascular hemodynamic indexes were(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate relative risk (RR) of cerebral vascular hemodynamics indexes (CVHI) accumulative score as well as some other risk factors of stroke. METHODS A cohort study was carried out in 25 355 participants aged 35 and over in Northeast of China from 1994 to 2001. In the baseline survey, exposure rates of hypertension, diabetes, family history(More)
OBJECTIVE To establish a predicting model for stroke according to cerebral vascular hemodynamic indexes and major risk factors of stroke. METHODS Participants selected from a stroke cohort with 25,355 population in China. The first step was to carry out principal component analysis using CVHI. Logistic regression with principal component and main risk(More)
Dear Editor, In a recent issue of International Orthopaedics, Jugun and his workmates published an article [1] entitled “The safety and efficacy of high-dose daptomycin combined with rifampicin for the treatment of Gram-positive osteoarticular infections”. In this study, the authors indicated that combined therapy with high-dose daptomycin and rifampicin(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the distribution of cerebral vascular hemodynamic indexes (CVHI). METHODS A number of 25,355 age 35 and over were selected in the Northeast China by cluster sampling. CVHI were checked during baseline survey and were followed to see the occurrence of stroke. Distribution of CVHI among non-stroke population, individuals prior to the(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effectiveness of stroke prevention among high risk population, using Nao'an Capsules. METHODS Participants were selected from 696,558 residents in Nanhui, using county of Shanghai city. Individuals aged 35 years old and over with at least one risk factor exposure to stroke, received cerebral vascular hemodynamic examination.(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the reference range of cerebrovascular hemodynamics indexes (CVHI) in a sampling population. METHODS Fourteen thousand, four hundred and eighty participants without history of stroke or exposure to risk factors were screened from 26 cities in Northeast China, North China, East China, Northwest China, South China, and Southwest China in(More)
OBJECTIVE To probe into changes of cerebral vascular hemodynamics indexes (CVHI) from normal population to different clinical stage before and after occurring of stroke. METHODS Participants were selected from 25,355 stroke cohort study population aged 35 years and over in Northeast of China and 55 acute stroke patients were selected from Fuzhou PLA(More)