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Vasculogenic mimicry (VM) refers to the unique capability of aggressive tumor cells to mimic the pattern of embryonic vasculogenic networks. Claudins are aberrantly expressed in aggressive breast cancer. However, the relationship between claudins and VM formation is not clear. We examined VM in two human breast cancer cell lines with different aggressive(More)
The reactions of singlet oxygen with 2,2,6,6-tetradeuterio-1,4-dithiane have been examined in acetone and methanol, and in the interior of the zeolite NaY. The product isotope effects k(H)/k(D) have been measured for sulfoxide and, when possible, for sulfone formation. The results provide evidence for a hydroperoxysulfonium ylide intermediate in acetone, a(More)
The intrazeolite photooxygenations of four diarylethylenes have been examined. Several intermediates, including an epoxide, have been identified by comparison to independently synthesized samples. Aldehyde intermediates were shown to undergo intrazeolite Norrish type I cleavages in competition with a novel new photooxygenation/autoxidation reaction.(More)
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