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Jatropha curcas L. is a potential biofuel plant. Application of exogenous cytokinin (6-benzyladenine, BA) on its inflorescence buds can significantly increase the number of female flowers, thereby improving seed yield. To investigate which genes and signal pathways are involved in the response to cytokinin in J. curcas inflorescence buds, we monitored(More)
A new cable wireless monitoring temperature scheme is proposed, which can monitor cable parameters of various cable, and can be monitored dynamically and transmitted to the dispatch center through the network which consisted with ZigBee network and CAN bus. Then, cable failures early warning function is realized. Simulation and piracies proved that(More)
A simple TPM&VCS method is based on indirect measurements and fuses information from several different physical sensors to compute tire pressure. using Zigbee Tire pressure monitoring systems automatically detect and relay tire air pressure information with sensors attached to the tire, wheel, or valve stem. The control mechanism then helps to reduce the(More)
This paper has combined neural network with fuzzy control and achieved the self-learning and adaptive of fuzzy-controller, has realized the control of washing machines by a fuzzy-neural network optimization algorithms based on Hierarchical Genetic Algorithm(HGA). In addition, fuzzy-neural network structure and weight parameters have been optimized and the(More)
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