Gui-hyun Baek

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Fresh rhizome of Rehmannia glutinosa Libosch. (Saeng-jihwang in Korean: SJH) has been prescribed for the treatment of diabetes-associated complications. The purpose of the present study is to investigate the underlying mechanisms of the efficacy of SJH in diabetes-related complications. Decoction was obtained after boiling SJH in water and subsequent(More)
This paper propose the method to dynamically construct optimized ontology knowledge base (KB) using ontology schema model from semi-structured datasets based RDM (relational data model). In order to enhance a big data analysis ability, it must be provided classification or analysis method based on context and meaning. Also recently, for providing high-level(More)
This paper suggests the optimization method of RDF Repository. When state data that occurred thing composing context information, this method processes in real-time using ontology technique in IoT environment. It needs to adapt meaning system about state to delivery correct state among different things. In other words, it is important to adapt technique to(More)
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