Gui-hong Yang

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Purpose: To investigate the inhibitory effect of polysaccharides from Scutellaria barbata (PSB) on invasion and metastasis of lung cancer, and study the possible mechanism. Methods: PSB was extracted with water and by alcohol precipitation, and purified by DEAE-52 column chromatography. A highly invasive and metastatic lung carcinoma cell, 95-D cell line,(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe the influence of Wnt-1 recombinant adenovirus on differentiation tendency of human epidermal stem cells. METHODS Wnt-1 recombinant adenovirus was transduced into hESCs (E group), while normal hESCs were used as control (C) group. The diameter, proliferation,and labeling molecular expression of hESC were determined. The content of(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe the histological characteristics of constructed basement membrane in tissue-engineered skin. METHODS Forskins from circumcision in normal children were obtained with informed consent of the parents, and then the epidermal keratinocytes (KC) and dermal fibroblasts (Fb) were isolated with trypsin and collagenase D digestion in sequence.(More)
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