Gui-dong Yao

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G-quadruplex (G4) DNA and G4 DNA resolvase are involved in a variety of biological processes. To understand the biological function of G4 DNA structures and their resolvases in spermatogenesis, we investigated the distribution of G4 structures in mouse testis and identified their alterations during spermatogenesis. Meanwhile, we studied the function of RNA(More)
As one of the non-classical major histocompatibility complex(MHC)-1 antigens, Human Leukocyte Antigen G (HLA-G), has been suggested as a prognostic marker to identify the embryo developmental potential. In the present study, we investigated the potential roles of HLA-G in human spermatogenesis and early embryonic development. Quantitative real-time PCR(More)
We compared the vitrified outcomes between early and expanded blastocysts with or without laser drilling. The grade III embryos from the patients undergoing in vitro fertilization-embryo transfer (IVF-ET) in our reproductive center from September 2009 to February 2015 were incubated into early blastocysts and expanded blastocysts. The early blastocysts and(More)
AIM The aim of the study was to determine the relationship between Apo Eε4 genotype and senile dementia (SD) by analyzing the Apo E allelic frequency distributions among the elderly Han Chinese population. METHODS For this purpose, a total of 316 Chongqing residents, aged ≥60yrs, were classified as SD or control groups following the criteria of National(More)
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