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Running of unstable speed exhaust turbine generator (ETG) using main engine (ME) waste heat by high turbulence intensities, in order to demand maximization of regenerative energy harvested from the ME waste heat and minimization of damage caused by mechanical losses and fatigue. ALQG control scheme for output power leveling with unknown dynamics is proposed(More)
This paper focuses on a control application of marine power management system (PMS) based on model free adaptive (MFA). The speed-frequency stability of power station is determined by the dynamic characteristic of the diesel engine fuel supply control. In order to obtain good and consistent power control performance, and restrain the load disturbance and(More)
Marine diesel-generator speed-frequency control system based on sliding mode control (SMC) scheme is introduced in this paper, which is capable of providing good and consistent speed-frequency control performance, despite wide variations in the system operating conditions. The SMC scheme consists of a conventional governor based on a standard speed error(More)
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