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Anomalous diffraction approximation method for retrieval of spherical and spheroidal particle size distributions in total light scattering
Using total light scattering technique to measure the particle size distribution has advantages of simplicity in measurement principle and convenience in the optical arrangement. However, theExpand
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Fourier transform spectrometer for spectral emissivity measurement in the temperature range between 60 and 1500°C
A new spectral emissivity measurement system has been developed at Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) by using a Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectrometer. The spectral range between 0.6 andExpand
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[Multi-spectral thermometry based on GA-BP algorithm].
A new algorithm combining genetic algorithm with back-propagation neural network for multi-spectral thermometry . Expand
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Processing Method of Multi-Wavelength Pyrometer Data for Continuous Temperature Measurements
The processing of multi-wavelength pyrometer data is a problem that needs further improvements. The solutions developed in earlier decades generally assumed one particular mathematical relation forExpand
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Calculation method for particle mean diameter and particle size distribution function under dependent model algorithm
In total light scattering particle sizing technique, the relationship among Sauter mean diameter D32, mean extinction efficiency Q, and particle size distribution function is studied in order toExpand
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[Analysis of visible extinction spectrum of particle system and selection of optimal wavelength].
In the total light scattering particle sizing technique, the extinction spectrum of particle system contains some information about the particle size and refractive index. The visible extinctionExpand
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Research on the Temperature and Emissivity Measurement of the Metallic Thermal Protection Blanket
The temperatures and emissivities of the metallic thermal protection blanket at (900–1,300) °C are investigated experimentally by using a multi-wavelength pyrometer. A linear relation between theExpand
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[Backscattering spectrum analysis of nonspheroid soot particle].
In the process of measuring soot concentration and grain diameter, the backscattering spectrum of soot particle model was calculated to ascertain and analyze main effective factor of backscatteringExpand
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Radiation signature of clouds
Modified gamma distribution was used to describe the distribution of particles in clouds. The polydisperse particle system may be converted into a monodisperse particle system. 1) The averaged radiusExpand
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Development of infrared spectral radiation measurement system of a non-luminous flame
The spectral radiation characteristic of a non-luminous flame is analyzed. The apparatus and the calibration procedure based on infrared emission spectrometry for measurements of the flame areExpand
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