Gui-Yang Li

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The type VI secretion system (T6SS) was recently shown to modulate quorum sensing and the stress response in Vibrio anguillarum serotype O1 strain NB10. It is not known whether there is a functionally active T6SS in other serotypes of V. anguillarum. Here, homologues to T6SS cluster VtsEFGH and hemolysin-coregulated protein (Hcp)-encoding genes were found(More)
This paper gives an introduction on the neural signal sensing of the system of microelectronic-embedded channel bridge and signal regeneration of injured spinal cords and periphery nerves. For neural signal sensing, electrode arrays of both cuff and needle types were used. For neural signal amplifying, the circuits realized with discrete devices and in CMOS(More)
Bacterial aro mutants are frequently used as live attenuated vaccines for domestic animals. In this study, we characterized Edwardsiella tarda strain LSE40 with a deletion in the aroA gene. In addition to autotrophy, the aroA mutant appeared to have delayed cell division and reductions in its swarming motility, biofilm formation, and production of(More)
The sigma factor σ54 (RpoN) is an important regulator of bacterial response to environmental stresses. Here, we demonstrate the roles of RpoN in Vibrio anguillarum M3 by comparative investigation of physiological phenotypes and virulence of the wild-type, an rpoN mutant, and an rpoN complemented strain. Disruption of rpoN was found to decrease biofilm(More)
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