Gui-Ping Yue

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Precise transcriptional control of developmental stage-specific expression and switching of alpha- and beta-globin genes is significantly important to understand the general principles controlling gene expression and the pathogenesis of thalassemia. Although transcription factors regulating beta-globin genes have been identified, little is known about the(More)
OBJECTIVE To probe the implant-bone-interface stress distribution of zygomatic implant denture concerning different implant sites. METHODS Three-dimensional finite element model for severe atrophy maxillary posterior-tooth area was established biomechanically in this study by computer technique and zygomatic implant was simulated into the model in the(More)
One pathogenesis of the obesity-associated complications is that consistent with increased body fat mass, the elevation of adipose tissue-derived cytokines inflicts a low-grade chronic inflammation, which ultimately leads to metabolic disorders. Adipocytes and macrophages in visceral adipose (VA) have been confirmed to contribute to the chronic(More)
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