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We present a general phase matching condition for the quantum search algorithm with arbitrary unitary transformation and arbitrary phase rotations in the case of a general initial state. We show by an explicit expression that the phase matching condition depends both on the unitary transformation U and the initial state. We show that several phase(More)
It is well known that quantum computers are superior to classical computers in efficiently simulating quantum systems. Here we report the first experimental simulation of quantum tunneling through potential barriers, a widespread phenomenon of a unique quantum nature, via NMR techniques. Our experiment is based on a digital particle simulation algorithm and(More)
Hyperentanglement is an effective quantum source for quantum communication network due to its high capacity, low loss rate, and its unusual character in teleportation of quantum particle fully. Here we present a deterministic error-correction scheme for nonlocal spatial-polarization hyperentangled photon pairs over collective-noise channels. In our scheme,(More)