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A low power mmW receiver front-end, suitable for a FM-CW Automotive Radar has been implemented using a 1P6M 65nm RFCMOS process. It has been designed using a direct conversion architecture. The input and interstage impedance matching networks have been implemented using Multi-layer Coplanar Wave guide (MCPW) based inductors. MCPW lines can realize small(More)
BACKGROUND Quercetin is the most abundant flavonoid in fruit and vegetables and is believed to attenuate cardiovascular disease. We hypothesized that quercetin inhibits cardiac hypertrophy by blocking AP-1 (c-fos, c-jun) and activating PPAR-γ signaling pathways. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS The aim of this study was to identify the mechanism underlying(More)
For the first time, the determination of circulating antigen in patients with cysticercosis using specific monoclonal antibody against cysticercus antigen (CCyl) based on inhibitive ELISA was reported. The circulating antigens were detected in the sera from 83 patients with cysticercosis, the positive rate being 71.1%. The range of the detectable serum(More)
We performed a series of trials to assess the effect of dietary supplementation with microencapsulated Enterococcus fecalis CG1.0007 on growth performance, antioxidation activity, and intestinal microbiota in Arbor Acres broiler chickens ("broilers"). A total of 150 1-d-old broilers were assigned randomly to 5 feeding treatments (a control group fed the(More)
Meconium passage is frequently observed in association with feto-maternal stress factors such as hypoxia and infection, but the triggering mechanism is unknown. We hypothesize that differential regulation of corticotrophin-releasing factor (CRF) receptors during gestation play an important role in determining the susceptibilities of the fetus to(More)
In data grid, it is an important research filed to complete interoperability of data. In the mean time, share of data also becomes the crucial problem. Data replication, as a solved solution of data share, goes into more and more vital. A strategy called Replication Strategy Based on Clustering Analysis (RSCA) is proposed, which confirms the correlation(More)
The potential application of infrared and Raman spectroscopies was explored as rapid and nondestructive tools for the identification of juvenile black seabream samples intoxicated by heavy metals (Zn, Cu, and Cd). Discrimination models were established on the basis of the infrared and Raman spectral data using three calibration methods, namely, partial(More)