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[Study of single nucleotide polymorphism of A-FABP gene and its association with fatness traits in chicken].
In this experiment, Beijing-You chicken was used to detect single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in A-FBAP gene and to study the correlation between its genotype and the trait of fat accumulation.Expand
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Alteration of mitochondrial oxidative capacity during porcine preadipocyte differentiation and in response to leptin
Mitochondrial apparatus is a fundamental aspect in cell, serving for amino acid biosynthesis, fatty acid oxidation (FAO), and ATP production. In this article, we investigated the change ofExpand
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Alkaloids and sesquiterpenoids from Acorus tatarinowii
The rhizome of Acorus tatarinowii is a well-known traditional Chinese medicine. Our extensive investigation on this plant material afforded two new compounds, including a cadinane-typeExpand
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New Compounds from Euphorbia helioscopia and Absolute Configuration Determination by Computational Methods
The whole plant of Euphorbia helioscopia is an important traditional Chinese medicine. Fom its BuOH soluble extract, one new lactam (1), three new terpenoids (2-4) including a new naturally occurringExpand
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‘Chilongzhua’ and ‘Yanzhizui’: Two Interspecific Hybrid Cultivars of Michelia
The genus Michelia L. (Magnoliaceae) comprises 70 species of tropical or subtropical evergreen trees or shrubs distributed in Asia (Xia et al., 2008). Some of these species are well known asExpand
New Compounds from Euphorbia helioscopia and Absolute Configuration Determination of Computational Methods.
The new lactam (I) and the three new terpenoids (II)—(IV) are isolated from the whole plant of Euphorbia helioscopia.