Gui Chen

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BACKGROUND Hypertension is a major risk factor for the development of stroke. It is well known that lowering blood pressure decreases the risk of stroke in people with moderate to severe hypertension. However, the specific effects of calcium channel blockers (CCBs) against stroke in patients with hypertension as compared to no treatment and other(More)
Cloud computing emerges as a new computing paradigm concerned by both academia and industry. Resource management of multiple virtual machines is the core of Infrastructure as a Service. Focusing on the CPU resources, the purpose of this paper is to increase the QoS of web service by properly scheduling the CPU resource across the virtual machines. We(More)
PURPOSE Orthodontic tooth movement is affected by bite forces generated from the masticatory system. This study aims to study three-dimensional (3D) modeling of the individualized functional masticatory system and explore its application in orthodontics. METHODS An individualized masticatory system model containing the craniomaxilla, mandible, 4 pairs of(More)
INTRODUCTION To evaluate, using cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT), both the condylar-fossa relationships and the mandibular and condylar asymmetries between unilateral cleft lip and palate (UCLP) patients and non-cleft patients with class III skeletal relationship, and to investigate the factors of asymmetry contributing to chin deviation. METHODS The(More)
OBJECTIVE Whether the orthodontic treatment with premolar extraction and maximum anchorage in adults will lead to a narrowed upper airway remains under debated. The study aims to investigate the airway changes after orthodontic extraction treatment in adult patients with Class II and hyperdivergent skeletal malocclusion. MATERIALS AND METHODS This(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the impact of different smoking behaviors of caregivers on environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) exposure in children aged 5-6 years in Changsha, China. METHODS We conducted a cross-sectional, random digit-dial telephone survey of caregivers (n = 543) between August and October 2013. Caregivers' smoking behaviors were collected by a(More)
Large-scale network attacks will bring great damage to the network. Although the existing detection systems are able to detect a large number of known attacks, when facing large-scale network attacks, log data generated by these systems usually increases rapidly, which forms vast amount of alert information in a short period of time. This paper researches(More)
For model based control systems, such as MPC, the model plays a key role in controller design and tuning. For linear systems, many different approaches have been well developed for MPM detection while nonlinearity was not considered. This article describes mutual information (MI) as a general correlation measure to detect model-plant mismatch (MPM) in(More)
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