Guhan Balasubramanian

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Fuzzy logic based voltage controller is proposed for hybrid generation scheme using solar and wind energy for isolated applications. The fuzzy logic controller is designed to vary the duty-cycle of the DC-DC converter automatically such that to maintain the load voltage constant. The hybrid scheme comprises one set of fixed capacitor bank and a parallel(More)
This paper presents afuzzy logic controller for maximum power point tracking (MPPT) in photovoltaic system. An easy and accurate method of modeling photovoltaic arrays is proposed. The model and fuzzy based control strategies are combined to form intelligent controllers that are more accurate and robust. The model based controller is designed such that the(More)
This paper proposes the Model Predictive Control (MPC) scheme in a bubble cap distillation column. Even though PID controllers are widely used for the control of nonlinear system, there is a need for optimizing and conservation of energy. Here, MPC scheme is designed and it is used for controlling the composition in distillation columns.The tuning of PID(More)
This paper presents the dynamic and steady-state analysis of self-excited single-phase two-winding induction generators (SESPIG) used in renewable energy conversions such as wind, small-hydro etc. The conventional dynamic d-q axis model is used to obtain the dynamic characteristics using MATLAB platform. Anew steady-state mathematical model is used to(More)
Proxy re-signatures are generally used for the delegation of signatures to a semi-trusted proxy which transforms the signatures between the users of the system. Its a handy primitive for network security and automated delegations in hierarchical organizations. Though proxy re-signature schemes that are secure in the standard model are available, none of(More)
This investigation deals about the estimation of a Quadurple tank system. Estimation process used to measure the difference between the sensor output and estimated output, thus the resultant will show the capability of the system performance for the given input. Unscented Kalman Filter (UKF) is one of the estimation technique used for estimating the(More)
Industrial processes are nonlinear, multivariate, constrained and interactive in nature. To ensure stable operation of the process under these circumstances, a tight control action should be employed. Conventional controllers like PID provides simplicity in design and ease of access but fails to provide good control action for the process which are(More)
Renewable Energy Sources (RES) plays a vital role today, owing to its excess availability and they are gaining importance because of the merits like pollution free, eco friendly, no maintenance, sustainability etc. Solar rays consist of photons, which are considered to be stream of energetic light particles. The solar cell or Photovoltaic cell (PV) converts(More)
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