Guglielmo Guastalla

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Proton radii of ^{12-19}C densities derived from first accurate charge changing cross section measurements at 900A  MeV with a carbon target are reported. A thick neutron surface evolves from ∼0.5  fm in ^{15}C to ∼1  fm in ^{19}C. The halo radius in ^{19}C is found to be 6.4±0.7  fm as large as ^{11}Li. Ab initio calculations based on chiral(More)
The first determination of radii of point proton distribution (proton radii) of (12-17)B from charge-changing cross sections (σ(CC)) measurements at the FRS, GSI, Darmstadt is reported. The proton radii are deduced from a finite-range Glauber model analysis of the σ(CC). The radii show an increase from ¹³B to ¹⁷B and are consistent with predictions from the(More)
A measurement of the reduced transition probability for the excitation of the ground state to the first 2+ state in 104Sn has been performed using relativistic Coulomb excitation at GSI. 104Sn is the lightest isotope in the Sn chain for which this quantity has been measured. The result is a key point in the discussion of the evolution of nuclear structure(More)
Reduced transition strengths of the deexciting transitions from the first two excited states in 33 Ar were measured in a relativistic Coulomb excitation experiment at the GSI Helmholtz center. The radioactive ion beam was produced by fragmentation of a primary 36 Ar beam on a 9 Be target followed by the selection of the reaction product of interest via the(More)
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