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Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) is a system provides an alternative communication and control channel between the human brain and computer. In Motor Imagery-based (MI) BCI system, Common Spatial Pattern (CSP) is frequently used for extracting discriminative patterns from the electroencephalogram (EEG). There are many studies have proven that the performance(More)
Electrodes connection on the scalp needs to apply gel or paste on the scalp and fit EEG-cap on the head and this procedure also needs to deal with the hair on it. By comparison, to fit EEG electrodes on the forehead area is much easier because there is no hair on it. If correlations of the EEGs generated from the forehead area are high with respect to EEGs(More)
The concept of Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) has emerged over the last three decades as a promising alternative to the existing interface methods. However the BCI framework generally spoken only emphasizes on the aspects of BCI signal processing, lacking of the function of Visualization and Virtual Reality (VR) feedback. This paper designs a general and(More)
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