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OBJECTIVE To review the efficacy of routine prenatal ultrasonography for detecting fetal structural abnormalities. DESIGN Retrospective study of the ultrasonographic findings and outcome of all pregnancies in women scanned in 1988-9. SETTING Maternity ultrasonography department of a district general hospital. SUBJECTS 8785 fetuses. MAIN OUTCOME(More)
PURPOSE Investigators have suggested that high cancer mortality rates among Native Hawaiians are due to fatalistic attitudes toward the disease, poor access to care, and lack of consideration of Native Hawaiian cultural values in Western approaches to healthcare. This study used qualitative methods to examine these factors in Native Hawaiian cancer(More)
LIMITED DISTRIBUTION NOTICE: This report has been submitted for publication outside of IBM and will probably be copyrighted if accepted for publication. It has been issued as a Research Report for early dissemination of its contents. In view of the transfer of copyright to the outside publisher, its distribution outside of IBM prior to publication should be(More)
A series of three cases is reported in which the diagnosis of thanatophoric dysplasia was reached at routine mid-trimester scanning in a District General Hospital. All three patients underwent termination of pregnancy with the diagnosis of thanatophoric dysplasia confirmed by postmortem radiographic and histological examinations. A review of the current(More)
Aeromonas sobria was identified from soil and canal water at the East End of London. There was a correlation between water and faecal isolates from children attending the nearby Children's Hospital. In view of the potential risk of enteric and non-enteric infections due to Aeromonas spp, efforts are needed to ensure that canals, rivers, natural water(More)
Human infections caused by Aeromonas spp. are being reported with increased frequency. We examined 1012 unselected stool specimens from 799 children for various pathogens, including Aeromonas spp., to evaluate the clinical associations of Aeromonas spp. in the stools of children in the East End of London. A total of 33 children had positive cultures for(More)