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Our study sought to determine whether, where and how the consonance or dissonance of musical intervals might be reflected in the electrical activity (depth EEG) of the human brain. Presenting an adequate musical test program to a patient with depth electrodes implanted within the planum temporale (near Heschl's gyrus) and the hippocampal formations of both(More)
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This paper introduces an extension of the Rubato Composer software's BigBang rubette module for gestural composition. The extension enables composers and improvis-ers to operate BigBang using the Leap Motion controller, which uses two cameras to detect hand motions in three-dimensional space. The low latency and high precision of the device make it a good(More)
Based on modern information technology, mathematics and semiotics, systematic musicology has fundamentally changed. As a theoretical basis of this change, mathematical music theory offers a precise language and models to describe musicological facts. It resides on the three paradigms of symmetry, local-global gestalts and the Yoneda classification by "(More)