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The GroEL/GroES chaperonin system mediates the folding of a range of newly synthesized polypeptides in the bacterial cytosol. Using a rapid biotin-streptavidin-based inhibition of chaperonin function, we show that the cage formed by GroEL and its cofactor GroES can have a dual role in promoting folding. First, enclosure of nonnative protein in the(More)
Serum and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) concentrations of fosfomycin were evaluated in 45 patients. Mean serum concentration was 260.1 mg/l at 15 min postinfusion in 35 patients receiving a 5 g bolus dose, and 440 mg/l in five patients receiving a 10 g bolus dose. Mean distribution volume was 18.5 l (5 g dose), the total clearance was 118.8 ml/min, half-life(More)
In 8 patients having primarily an increased ICP, the effects of etomidate on ICP, arterial pressure and cerebral perfusion pressure (CPP) were studied by comparison with thiopentone. The patients received no premedication or basic anaesthesia and relaxation was obtained using pancuronium bromide. Blood gas analysis was performed at regular intervals to(More)
For the reconstruction of nasal defects, paramedian forehead flaps with a small pedicel are used. The nutrition of these flaps depends on the presence of an arterial blood vessel in the pedicel. In constructing the flap it is absolutely necessary to know the position and the course of the vessles in the forehead. The branches of the ophthalmic artery -(More)
Even today antibiotic therapy of postoperative or posttraumatic meningitis remains a problem. In patients in a neurosurgical intensive care unit, nosocomial microorganisms with high resistance are mainly found. There are no antibiotics available which have simultaneously a good efficacy on the higher resistant nosocomial microorganisms and a good(More)
A total of 63 laterally situated partial clefts of the lip were studied. The biopsies obtained during the first operation were evaluated histologically. With a special stain, the fibre of the orbicularis oris muscle were demonstrated and their arrangement in relation to the cleft lip was recorded. The results indicate a close relationship between type and(More)