Guenter Germann

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In the light of the persisting lack of donor organs and the risks of allotransplantations, the possibility of liver regeneration with autologous stem cells from adipose tissue (ADSC) is an intriguing alternative. Using a model of a toxic liver damage in Sprague Dawley rats, generated by repetitive intraperitoneal application of retrorsine and allyl alcohol,(More)
This is the first study evaluating the interactions of human adipose tissue derived stem cells (ADSCs) and human squamous cell carcinoma cells (SCCs), with regard to a prospective cell-based skin regenerative therapy and a thereby unintended co-localization of ADSCs and SCCs. ADSCs were co-cultured with A431-SCCs and primary SCCs (pSCCs) in a transwell(More)
INTRODUCTION Composite tissue allotransplantation is a newly emerged field of transplantation. Shock wave technology has already been used in the treatment of urologic and orthopedic disorders. Recent studies demonstrated a suppression of the early proinflammatory immune response. METHODS 50 allogeneic hindlimb transplantations were performed on rats in 5(More)
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