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Atractylodes rhizomes have been used as the herbal medicine "Changchul" or "Baekchul," according to their clinical purpose, in Korea, China, and Japan. Among the Atractylodes species, the medicinal(More)
During decoction process, the ingredients of herbal formula interact with each other, such that therapeutic properties and chemical extraction characteristics are altered. The crude drugs, Cinnamomum(More)
The rhizome of Atractylodes japonica, which is a herbal medicine used for gastrointestinal therapeutics, has been categorized with A. macrocephala rhizome or A. chinensis rhizome based on different(More)
Analytical methods based on ultraperformance liquid chromatography/ion-trap mass spectrometry (UPLC/ion-trap MS) were developed for quantification of atractylenolide I, II, and III in the methanol(More)