Guem Hee Baek

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Rad23 and cell division cycle protein 48 (Cdc48), two key regulators of postubiquitylation events, act on distinct and overlapping sets of substrates. The principle underlying their division of labor and cooperation in proteolysis remains elusive. Both Rad23 and Cdc48 bind a ubiquitin protein ligase ubiquitin fusion degradation-2 (Ufd2), and regulate the(More)
Cdc48 (also called VCP and p97) is an abundant protein that plays essential regulatory functions in a broad array of cellular processes. Working with various cofactors, Cdc48 utilizes its ATPase activity to promote the assembly and disassembly of protein complexes. Here, we review key biological functions and regulation of Cdc48 in ubiquitin-related events.(More)
Vms1 is a newly identified Cdc48-binding protein. The biological function of Vms1 remains obscure. Here, we show that both Cdc48 and Vms1, but not Cdc48 cofactors Ufd1 and Ufd2, are crucial for the degradation of Cdc13, a telomere regulator. Interestingly, both autophagy and the proteasome are involved in Cdc13 turnover. Toxicity associated with(More)
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