Guelfirde Akguel

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Ruminant milk and dairy products are important food resources in many European, African, and Middle Eastern societies. These regions are also associated with derived genetic variants for lactase persistence. In mammals, lactase, the enzyme that hydrolyzes the milk sugar lactose, is normally down-regulated after weaning, but at least five human populations(More)
Mummified human tissues are of great interest in forensics and biomolecular archaeology. The aim of this study was to analyse post mortem DNA alterations in soft tissues in order to improve our knowledge of the patterns of DNA degradation that occur during salt mummification. In this study, the lower limb of a female human donor was amputated within 24 h(More)
Intensified aquaculture has strong impact on fish health by stress and infectious diseases and has stimulated the interest in the orchestration of cytokines and growth factors, particularly their influence by environmental factors, however, only scarce data are available on the GH/IGF-system, central physiological system for development and tissue shaping.(More)
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