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Most methods for the detection and removal of specular reflections suffer from nonuniform highlight regions and/or nonconverged artifacts induced by discontinuities in the surface colors, especially when dealing with highly textured, multicolored images. In this paper, a novel noniterative and predefined constraint-free method based on tensor voting is(More)
This paper addresses the problem of efficient and effective restoration of text images , by formulating the problem as inferring the surface from a sparse and noisy point set in a 3D structure tensor space. Given a set of noisy data correspondence in corrupted images, the proposed method extracts good matches and rejects the noisy elements. The methodology(More)
Secret knowledge, like remembering password or token based authentication systems are deemed inconvenience and difficult to use for users such as password may be forgotten or token may be lost. So burdens like remembering password and stolen or forged token based authentication have raised a current trend of biometric authentication system. Now in this(More)
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