Gudrun Lukas

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BACKGROUND Criminal offenders with a diagnosis of psychopathy or borderline personality disorder (BPD) share an impulsive nature but tend to differ in their style of emotional response. This study aims to use multiple psychophysiologic measures to compare emotional responses to unpleasant and pleasant stimuli. METHODS Twenty-five psychopaths as defined by(More)
Excision and primary suture for pilonidal disease is associated with a high rate of wound infection and recurrences. This randomized, controlled study was designed to analyze the effect of local application of a gentamicin-containing collagen sponge (Collatamp®) in reducing the wound infection rate and recurrences after excision of pilonidal sinus and wound(More)
Over 720 persons are reported to have died jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge. A review of 100 consecutive autopsies showed that, in the majority of cases, massive pulmonary contusion, pneumothorax, laceration or perforation of the heart, great vessels, or lungs by displaced ribs were the causes of immediate death. Irreparable fractures of the liver or(More)
Dermal angiosarcoma is a rare complication of radiotherapy. It is characterized by an aggressive nature and is distinct from other forms of angiosarcoma in that it does not always present with chronic lymphedema. A few case reports have appeared of cutaneous angiosarcoma arising in women previously treated with breast-conserving treatment and radiation for(More)
The aim of this study was to assess psychophysiological affect correlates, in addition to the usual self-report in borderline personality disorder (BPD) compared with avoidant personality disorder (APD) and normal controls (NCs), when responding to standardized experimental stimuli. In 24 BPD female patients, 23 APD female patients, and 27 female NCs, skin(More)
BACKGROUND Intense and rapidly changing mood states are a major feature of borderline personality disorder (BPD), which is thought to arise from affective vulnerability. OBJECTIVE There have been only a few studies investigating affective processing in BPD, and particularly neither psychophysiological nor neurofunctional correlates of abnormal emotional(More)
Sulfinpyrazone (Anturane), which inhibits platelet synthesis of prostaglandins and platelet release of serotonin, was given to patients with chronic renal failure requiring hemodialysis. Patients were mateched in double-blind fashion to receive either placebo or sulfinpyrazone at 200 mg orally three times a day. Peak plasma levels of sulfinpyrazone after(More)
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