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Kieffer, S.W., 1984. Seismicity at Old Faithful Geyser: an isolated source of geothermal noise and possible analogue of volcanic seismicity.A., is a relatively isolated source of seismic noise and exhibits seismic behavior similar to that observed at many volcanoes, including "bubblequakes" that resemble B-type "earthquakes", harmonic tremor before and(More)
On April 14, 2010, when meltwaters from the Eyjafjallajökull glacier mixed with hot magma, an explosive eruption sent unusually fine-grained ash into the jet stream. It quickly dispersed over Europe. Previous airplane encounters with ash resulted in sandblasted windows and particles melted inside jet engines, causing them to fail. Therefore, air traffic was(More)
The 39-day long eruption at the summit of Eyjafjallajökull volcano in April-May 2010 was of modest size but ash was widely dispersed. By combining data from ground surveys and remote sensing we show that the erupted material was 4.8±1.2·10¹¹ kg (benmoreite and trachyte, dense rock equivalent volume 0.18±0.05 km³). About 20% was lava and water-transported(More)
Recent work indicates that the variation in the occipital alpha wave component of the EEG spectrum, controlled through eye closure, can be used by an untrained person to effect reliable activation of electrical devices. Here we describe and compare three real-time strategies, based on analogue and digital signal processing methods, of detecting the onset of(More)
An external beam radiation therapy treatment planning system has been developed to run on the GE CT/T whole body scanner. The system interactively obtains treatment planning information directly from CT scans, including relative density conversion of user input inhomogeneity regions. The program generates beams isodose tables from input TAR-SAR data using(More)
The theory for non-stationary flow in translatory waves is developed for an inclined plane in a prismatic channel and a funneling channel. The existence of translatory waves traveling over dry land or superimposed on constant flow is established, and the dependance on the initial flow value is discussed. Inherent instabilities of the wave tail are(More)
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