Gudrun Eriksson

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This article describes an implementation of secondary prevention of alcohol abuse at a GP unit in southern Gothenburg, Sweden. During several periods between 1994 and 1996, screening for alcohol problems was performed using either AUDIT or a 4-item instrument called SWAG. In one part of the study, screening was simultaneously carried out using gamma-GT and(More)
In the middle of June 1980 an explosive outbreak of campylobacter enteritis occurred among the staff of a poultry abattoir in southern Sweden. In all 37 cases of acute gastroenteritis originating from the abattoir were reported and Campylobacter jejuni was isolated from the stools in 24 of them. When the outbreak occurred, a large proportion of the ordinary(More)
536 Swedish residents who during the years 1988-90 were reported as having contracted HIV through sexual contacts were asked about circumstances regarding the transmission. Answers were received in 411 (76.7%) of the cases (285 homosexual men, 68 heterosexual men and 58 heterosexual women). In 282 (69%) of the cases the persons were without symptoms and in(More)
Small-scale preparations, i.e. non-registered drugs that are extemporaneously prepared for each patient or made in larger batches for stock keeping, form a small but important group of drugs, especially for patients with rare diseases or allergies. Small-scale preparations are not included in the otherwise comprehensive statistics compiled by the National(More)