Gudberg K. Jonsson

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The present article analyzes the diversity of motor skills related to three different kinds of instructions: descriptive, metaphoric, and kinesic, with a special emphasis on the detection of temporal patterns (T-patterns). Twelve undergraduates studying sport and physical education, but without experience in dance, were observed during 24 lessons of Body(More)
Multimodal natural behavior of humans presents a complex yet highly coordinated set of interacting processes. Providing robots with such interactive skills is a challenging and worthy goal and numerous such efforts are currently underway; evaluating the progress in this direction, however, continues to be a challenge. General methods for measuring the(More)
Four principal features of autonomous control systems are left both unaddressed and unaddressable by present-day engineering methodologies: 1. The ability to operate effectively in environments that are only partially known beforehand at design time; 2. A level of generality that allows a system to reassess and redefine the fulfillment of its mission in(More)
Haris Dindo. Universita degli studi di Palermo / DINFO. Antonio Chella. Universita degli studi di Palermo / DINFO. ABSTRACT An important part of human intelligence, both historically and operationally, is our ability to communicate. We learn how to communicate, and maintain our communicative skills, in a society of communicators – a highly effective way to(More)
Contextual factors are crucial for evaluative research in psychology, as they provide insights into what works, for whom, in what circumstances, in what respects, and why. Studying behavior in context, however, poses numerous methodological challenges. Although a comprehensive framework for classifying methods seeking to quantify biopsychosocial aspects in(More)
The Atlantic cod is one of the most important commercial species known. The behavior of this species, important for fisheries, research and stock assessment, is in many ways masked by extensive horizontal and vertical dispersion in its habitat. The potential of using the Theme software in behavior studies of commercial fish stocks was tested using data from(More)
The present study examines the relationship between the verbal communication skills and paraverbal communication (both kinesic and proxemic) of indoor soccer coaches in competitive match situations, senior women's competitive level. T-patterns detection analysis provides a sequential analysis of data, illustrating the communicative style and flow of each(More)
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