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Cysticercosis, caused by cysticercus cellulosae, the larval form of Taenia solium, is potentially a dangerous systemic disease with variable clinical manifestations. The disease most commonly involves subcutaneous and muscle tissues, followed by the eye and brain. Cysticercosis can be diagnosed by various radiologic means or by serology, both of which,(More)
Cryptococcus neoformans is ubiquitous encapsulated yeast found throughout the world. It predominantly causes significant infections in immunocompromised individuals, of which 80-90% occur in people with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. Disseminated cryptococcal infection is uncommon and almost always occurs in HIV-infected patients.(More)
Congenital infiltrating lipomatosis of the face is a rare lesion that comprises a subgroup of lipomatous tumor-like lesions of infancy and childhood. It is characterized by (1) no encapsulation, (2) diffuse infiltration of mature adipose tissue over normal muscle fiber and surrounding structures of face, (3) osseous hyperplasia of subjacent bone, and (4) a(More)
BACKGROUND Bone tumors remain a daunting challenge to orthopedic surgeons. The challenge is heightened in developing countries due to limited diagnostic and therapeutic facilities as well as due to ignorance. The published literature on this subject is sparse in our environment. OBJECTIVE To determine the pattern of bone tumors including their relative(More)
Dermatopathic lymphadenitis is a rare entity described in patients with Human immunodeficiency virus infection. Here we present a case of dermatopathic lymphadenitis in a 50-year-old female who was HIV positive and did not have any obvious skin lesions. Fine needle aspiration cytology of the lymphnode showed a lymphoproliferative lesion and a subsequent(More)
Neurofibromas are uncommon benign tumours and are still rarer in intramuscular locations. They are not detected until they cause a significant damage to the neighbouring tissues. We present a case of a giant intramuscular myxoid neurofibroma of the left forearm which eroded the radius and ulna, restricting the movements at the elbow and wrist joints and(More)
Carcinosarcoma is a rare tumor composed of variable proportions of carcinomatous and sarcomatous elements and comprises less than one percent of all gallbladder malignancies. In most reported cases of carcinosarcoma of gallbladder, the epithelial component is adenocarcinoma. The mesenchymal component varies from homogenous sarcoma to more heterotopic(More)
Fibrous dysplasia is a noninherited bone disease in which abnormal differentiation of osteoblasts leads to replacement of normal marrow and cancellous bone by immature bone with fibrous stroma. Monostotic fibrous dysplasia accounts for 28% in the ribs. It is often asymptomatic and incidentally detected on radiographs. As with many bone abnormalities, it can(More)
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