Guanzhi Ju

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The effects of TiN-ZrO₂ intermediate layer on the microstructures and magnetic properties of FePt films were investigated. The TiN-ZrO2 intermediate layer was granular consisting of grains of solid solution of Ti(Zr)ON segregated by amorphous ZrO₂. By doping ZrO₂ into TiN intermediate layer, the FePt grains became better isolated from each other and the(More)
According to the definition in the text, the correlation energy of 1s2C of carbon atoms, the primary and secondary C-H bonding electron pairs in some CH3, CH2 fragments and CH3(CH2)mCH3 (m=1-5) linear alkane molecules are calculated and analyzed. The transferability of the correlation energies of these electron pairs in the linear alkanes is investigated.(More)
We present a spin stand recording demonstration with an integrated near field transducer heat assisted magnetic recording head. An areal density of &#x223C; 240 Gbit/in<sup>2</sup> at 15.5 dB ACSN was obtained on FeP t media spinning at 2700 rpm. The head design is discussed.
The microstructure and magnetic properties of the FePt films grown on large mismatched ZrN (15.7%) intermediate layer were investigated. With using ZrN intermediate layer, FePt 10 nm films exhibited (001) texture except for some weaker FePt (110) texture. Good epitaxial relationships of FePt (001) <100>//ZrN (001) <100>//TiN (001) <100> among FePt and(More)
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