Guanying Piao

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BACKGROUND Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is a complex systemic disease, with significant disorders of metabolism. The liver, a central energy metabolic organ, plays a critical role in the development of diabetes. Although gene expression levels are able to be measured via microarray since 1996, it is difficult to evaluate the contributions of one altered(More)
High-throughput biological data offer an unprecedented opportunity to fully characterize biological processes. However, how to extract meaningful biological information from these datasets is a significant challenge. Recently, pathway-based analysis has gained much progress in identifying biomarkers for some phenotypes. Nevertheless, these so-called(More)
INTRODUCTION Here we aimed to study the effectiveness of dexmedetomidine as an anesthetic adjunct in surgery. MATERIAL AND METHODS A systematic evaluation was performed on published clinical trials. Major databases such as Medline database were employed to search and identify relevant studies and then Rev.Man 5 was used for meta-analysis as well as forest(More)
We have recently identified a number of active regulatory networks involved in diabetes progression in Goto-Kakizaki (GK) rats by network screening. The networks were quite consistent with the previous knowledge of the regulatory relationships between transcription factors (TFs) and their regulated genes. To study the underlying molecular mechanisms(More)
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