Guanyang Liu

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It is difficult to implement a stable and realistic haptic simulation for cutting rigid objects that is based on a damping model because of an inevitable conflict between stability and high output force. This paper presents pas-sivity techniques to show that an excessive damping coefficient causes the output stiffness to exceed the maximum output stiffness(More)
The " hand in hand " approach has been validated as effective in human motor skill training, such as handwriting, drawing, driving and so on. This paper proposes a networked haptic interaction system to simulate the " hand in hand " training scheme for tank gunnery which requires tank gunners to complete tasks accurately and quickly. In the haptic‐based(More)
Feedback force is very important for novices to simulate tooth preparation by using the haptic interaction system (dental training system) in a virtual environment. In the process of haptic simulation, the fidelity of generated forces by a haptic device decides whether the simulation is successful. A force model computes feedback force, and we present an(More)
For training human motor skills, haptic guidance has proven more effective than traditional visual-feedback-only approaches. However, novices might become dependent on the feedback force provided during training and become unable to adapt to real operating environments. To overcome haptic-based training's limitations, a proposed approach uses decoupled(More)