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Sitting posture-based interaction is to leverage user's sitting posture as an input for interaction. In order to realize it, user's sitting posture needs to be recognized accurately. However, existing works on sitting posture recognition either use intrusive wearable/visual sensors or rely on expensive high-resolution pressure sensor array, and thus(More)
—Network virtualization in cloud computing environment has attracted many attentions recently. With the help of network virtualization, VMM is able to provide fine-grained isolation among different VMs. However, the performance and overhead introduced by network virtualization is also important concerns when applying network virtualization to the cloud(More)
—Social activities have great impact for human beings in psychological health and social relationship. The recognition of social activities can unobtrusively recognize and record users' daily social activities, enabling users to better manage their life. Existing work of social activity recognition focus on recognizing a limited set of social activities and(More)
With the advancement of technologies, our world is becoming a smart world. In this paper, we share our vision of a smart world, demonstrate different application scenarios and introduce the emerging techniques. We envision that in a smart world, we will become more connected, safe, productive and efficient. To enable a smart world, many advanced techniques(More)
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