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For applications requiring low-power low-voltage and real-time, a novel analog VLSI implementation of continuous Marr wavelet transform based on CMOS log-domain integrator is proposed. Marr mother wavelet is approximated by a parameterized class of function. By using a hybrid particle swarm optimization algorithm (PSO) combined with the sequential quadratic(More)
A method of minimizing rankings inconsistency is proposed for a decision-making problem with rankings of alternatives given by multiple decision makers according to multiple criteria. For each criteria, at first, the total inconsistency between the rank-ings of all alternatives for the group and the ones for every decision maker is defined after the(More)
This paper investigates the multi-objective optimization Pareto genetic algorithms (MOPGA) for searching alternative non-dominated Pareto-optimal solutions. A kind of niching approach using clustering crowding and fast elite updating is designed to maintain population diversity and uniform distribution of non-dominated solutions. The time complexity(More)
This study investigates the nearest neighbor classification of predicting Pareto dominance relationships in multi-objective optimization. A similarity measurement called the sum of ranked dimensional sequential number is proposed. It transfers the original domains of each decision components into the same integer interval [0:N-1], where N is the size of(More)
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