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The Histone-Like Nucleoid Structuring Protein (H-NS) Is a Negative Regulator of the Lateral Flagellar System in the Deep-Sea Bacterium Shewanella piezotolerans WP3
ABSTRACT Although the histone-like nucleoid structuring protein (H-NS) is well known for its involvement in the adaptation of mesophilic bacteria, such as Escherichia coli, to cold environments andExpand
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Multiple Mechanisms Are Involved in Repression of Filamentous Phage SW1 Transcription by the DNA-Binding Protein FpsR.
SW1 is the first filamentous phage isolated from a deep-sea environment. Nevertheless, the mechanism by which the SW1 genetic switch is controlled is largely unknown. In this study, the function ofExpand
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DNA Backbone Sulfur-Modification Expands Microbial Growth Range under Multiple Stresses by its anti-oxidation function
DNA phosphorothioate (PT) modification is a sulfur modification on the backbone of DNA introduced by the proteins DndA-E. It has been detected within many bacteria isolates and metagenomic datasets,Expand
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DataToon: Drawing Dynamic Network Comics With Pen + Touch Interaction
We contribute DataToon, a flexible data comic storyboarding tool that blends analysis and presentation in a unified environment supported by pen and touch interactions. Expand
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Long 5′ untranslated regions regulate the RNA stability of the deep-sea filamentous phage SW1
Virus production in the deep-sea environment has been found to be high, and viruses have been suggested to play significant roles in the overall functioning of this ecosystem. Nevertheless, little isExpand
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Filamentous phage SW1 is active and influences the transcriptome of the host at high-pressure and low-temperature.
As the most abundant biological entities on the planet, viruses are involved in global biogeochemical cycles, and they have been shown to play an important role in the overall functioning of theExpand
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Complete genome sequence of Shewanella psychrophila WP2, a deep-sea bacterium isolated from west Pacific sediment
Abstract Shewanella psychrophila WP2 is a psychrophilic and piezophilic bacterium, isolated from west Pacific deep-sea sediment at depth of 1914 m. Here we report the 6,353,406-bp complete genomeExpand
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Validation of reference genes for reverse transcription real‐time quantitative PCR analysis in the deep‐sea bacterium Shewanella psychrophila WP2
&NA; Reference genes are critical to obtain reliable results of reverse transcription real‐time quantitative PCR (RT‐qPCR), which is widely used for relative quantification of gene expression. InExpand
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DataToon: Drawing Data Comics About Dynamic Networks with Pen + Touch Interaction
Comics are an entertaining and familiar medium for presenting compelling stories about data. However, existing visualization authoring tools do not leverage this expressive medium. In this paper, weExpand
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