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Environmental microbes utilize four degradation pathways for the oxidation of n-alkanes. Although the enzymes degrading n-alkanes in different microbes may vary, enzymes functioning in the first step in the aerobic degradation of alkanes all belong to the alkane hydroxylases. Alkane hydroxylases are a class of enzymes that insert oxygen atoms derived from(More)
In order to understand the composition and dynamics of planktonic viruses and their relationship with environmental parameters in natural freshwater, flow cytometry was optimized with filtration/fixation/staining/dilution and then applied to the analysis of samples collected from 9 stations (covering urban, rural, and estuarial areas) along the Haihe River,(More)
To date, few aquatic microbial ecology studies have discussed the variability of the microbial community in exorheic river ecosystems on both the spatial and seasonal scales. In this study, we examined the spatio-temporal variation of bacterioplankton community composition in an anthropogenically influenced exorheic river, the Haihe River in Tianjin, China,(More)
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