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Lymphedema, a chronic disease caused by failure in the lymphatic system, affects nearly 500,000 people in the U.S., and over 2.4 million breast cancer survivors are at-risk for developing this disease at some point in their life. Early detection and management can significantly reduce the potential for symptoms and complications; however, many patients fail(More)
Dehydrogenase activity (DHA) is an important indicator of heavy metal toxicity in contaminated soils. Different instances of DHA were determined using various substrates and which could affect the description of heavy metal toxicity. Currently, too few investigations have been done on selecting appropriate substrates. This study employed indoor simulation(More)
Soil dehydrogenase plays a role in the biological oxidation of soil organic matter and can be considered a good measure of the change of microbial oxidative activity under environmental pollutions. However, the kinetic characteristic of soil dehydrogenase under heavy metal stresses has not been investigated thoroughly. In this study, we characterized the(More)
Soil phosphatase, which plays an important role in phosphorus cycling, is strongly inhibited by Arsenic (As). However, the inhibition mechanism in kinetics is not adequately investigated. In this study, we investigated the kinetic characteristics of soil acid phosphatase (ACP) in 14 soils with varied properties, and also explored how kinetic properties of(More)
In our previous work, a new method for measuring limb volume based on infrared depth sensors was presented. The system, which can be operated in the comfort of our homes, allows for the early detection of swelling associated with lymphedema - a chronic disease caused by failure in the lymphatic system. Early detection and management can significantly reduce(More)
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