Guannan Deng

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In this paper, we introduce an axiomatic definition of the similarity measure of intuitionistic fuzzy sets (IFS) that differs from the definition of Li [15]. The relationship between the similarity measure and the entropy of IFS is investigated in detail. Six theorems on how the similarity measure could be transformed into the entropy for IFS and vice versa(More)
Fuzzy relation plays an important role in many applications. In this work, I-fuzzy equivalence relation and I-transitive approximations are studied. Firstly, the methods for judging an I-fuzzy equivalence relation are investigated. Secondly, the relationship between I-fuzzy equivalence relation and T-fuzzy equivalence relation is discussed. Finally, the(More)
In order to solve the slightly complicated structure and the big calculation of integral variable universe adaptive fuzzy controller, as well as the difficulty to choose the contraction-expansion factor, a weighted sum-type variable universe adaptive fuzzy controller is designed. At the same time the general method on how to choose contraction-expansion(More)
In this paper, the fuzzy equivalence relation clustering is studied. Firstly, an algorithm for obtaining a transitive lower approximation or a suboptimal transitive approximation of a fuzzy similarity relation is given. Secondly, the relationship between fuzzy equivalence relation clustering and the agglomerative hierarchical clustering is investigated.(More)
A similarity measure is a measure that indicates the degree of similarity between two objects. This paper investigates the monotonicity properties of similarity measures of interval-valued fuzzy sets. Firstly, a new kind of similarity measure, named monotonic similarity measure is proposed and investigated through analyzing the geometrical relation between(More)
In order to construct fuzzy equivalence relation conveniently,in this paper, we study on the representation of fuzzy equivalent relation. On the basis of resolution structure theory (H. X. Li, Fuzzy clustering method based on perturbation, Fuzzy Sets and Systems vol. 33, pp. 291-302, 1989.),we construct two diagrams named parameter system and resolution(More)
This paper presents a new fuzzy reasoning method by optimizing the similarity of truthtables (OS method for short). Its basic idea is to find a fuzzy set such that the truth-tables generated by the antecedent rule and the consequent rule are as similar as possible. Based on this idea, the principle of OS method and the fuzzy reasoning with OS method are(More)