Guann-Cyun Yeh

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In this paper, a multilingual cross-lingual information retrieval (CLIR) system is presented and evaluated in NTCIR-6 project. We use the language-independent indexing technology to process the text collections of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and English languages. Different machine translation systems are used to translate the queries for bilingual and(More)
Results The mean (SD) age was 74 (7); baseline Mini-Mental State Exam score was 27.2 (1.5); class attendance was 88%; and home practice was 26.1 minutes/day (19.6). No adverse events were reported. At 8 weeks, episodic memory was not improved in adults randomized to MBSR compared to the control (median change [Q1, Q3] from baseline, Rey Auditory Verbal(More)
Purpose Physician burnout is associated with decreased wellbeing, loss of empathy, and reduced quality of patient care. Despite high rates of burnout among physician trainees, few studies have explored strategies to address this problem. We examined the skills and habits associated with decreased burnout among physicians who participated in the Humanistic(More)
Methods Using cross-sectional data from the 2006-2009 National Ambulatory Medical Care Surveys (n=123,192), we examined the prevalence of physician counseling about stress in the primary care setting. We used logistic regression analyses to identify characteristics (patient sociodemographics, health status, diagnoses, and health utilization) associated with(More)
Methods In a pragmatic randomized trial, 86 post-menopausal osteopenic women, aged 45-70, were recruited from community clinics. Women were assigned to either nine months of TC training plus usual care (UC) vs. UC alone. Primary outcomes were changes between baseline and nine months of bone mineral density (BMD) of the proximal femur and lumbar spine(More)
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