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A novel flexible pneumatic actuator FPA is proposed in this paper. The structure and properties of FPA are described. Based on FPA, flexible pneumatic bending joint, flexible pneumatic torsion joint and flexible pneumatic spherical joint are developed. The mathematical models of flexible pneumatic bending joint and flexible pneumatic spherical joint are(More)
Flexible pneumatic bending joint is a new type of joint based on FPA, which can be adopted in multi-fingered dexterous hand design. The changing of average radius and shell thickness of bending joint during movement are analyzed, which implies that the average radius is almost invariable while the shell thickness changes obviously. The static model of(More)
—Aiming at realizing cucumber identification and location for cucumber harvesting robot in greenhouse, a segmentation algorithm for cucumber image was presented. Using M (M=2G) component as the threshold segmentation channel, choosing an initial threshold to segment the images. The threshold was dynamic revised based on shape characteristics of cucumber(More)
In order to detect navigation line for agricultural vehicles in natural vegetation-embraced environment, a method was presented based on robotic vision. Firstly, an improved region growing algorithm was introduced to segment path. Then the two edges of path were extracted and an array of points through the center was computed. Lastly, the guidance line for(More)
In order to eliminate twisting deformation of the flexible pneumatic bending joint, a rigid chain component is designed for it. Compressed air is filled into the pneumatic bending joint, the deformation of rubber tube occurred near the grasping point, and then the force is outputted by the pneumatic bending joint. The characteristics of the output force of(More)
Based on flexible pneumatic bending joint and flexible pneumatic spherical joint, a kind of flexible pneumatic 5-DOF finger is proposed, which is composed of two bending joints and a spherical joint. The mathematic model of flexible pneumatic spherical joint is further analyzed. On the researching foundation of flexible pneumatic bending joint and flexible(More)
A new type of air-driven multi-fingered dexterous hand, named ZJUT Hand, is proposed. ZJUT Hand has good passive flexibility and can make up for the deficiency of existing dexterous hands in some ways. A new method for grasping model identification based ANFIS is proposed. Simulation experimental results show that the method can easily establish the model(More)
Based on flexible pneumatic actuator FPA, two new kinds of pneumatic rigid-flexible joints are proposed. Three bending joints and one side-sway joints are used for designing two kinds of 4-DOF robot fingers. When inflating the FPA of each joint of 4-DOF fingers with different compressed air pressure, the fingers can simulate human fingers and realize(More)