Guanhua Hou

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Mononuclear iron-containing oxygenases conduct a diverse variety of oxidation functions in biology, including the oxidative demethylation of methylated nucleic acids and histones. Escherichia coli AlkB is the first such enzyme that was discovered to repair methylated nucleic acids, which are otherwise cytotoxic and/or mutagenic. AlkB human homologues are(More)
Several members of the Alkaline Phosphatase (AP) superfamily exhibit a high level of catalytic proffciency and promiscuity in structurally similar active sites. A thorough characterization of the nature of transition state for different substrates in these enzymes is crucial for understanding the molecular mechanisms that govern those remarkable catalytic(More)
The first step for the hydrolysis of a phosphate monoester (pNPP(2-)) in enzymes of the alkaline phosphatase (AP) superfamily, R166S AP and wild-type NPP, is studied using QM/MM simulations based on an approximate density functional theory (SCC-DFTBPR) and a recently introduced QM/MM interaction Hamiltonian. The calculations suggest that similar loose(More)
To improve the description of electrostatic interaction between QM and MM atoms when the QM is SCC-DFTB, we adopt a Klopman-Ohno (KO) functional form which considers the finite size of the QM and MM charge distributions. Compared to the original implementation that used a simple Coulombic interaction between QM Mulliken and MM point charges, the KO based(More)
Motivated by the need of rapidly exploring the potential energy surface of chemical reactions that involve highly charged species, we have developed an implicit solvent model for the approximate density functional theory, SCC-DFTB. The solvation free energy is calculated using the popular model that employs Poisson-Boltzmann for electrostatics and a(More)
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