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BACKGROUND Soil water and nitrogen (N) are considered to be the main environmental factors limiting plant growth and photosynthetic capacity. However, less is known about the interactive effects of soil water and N on tree growth and photosynthetic response in the temperate ecosystem. METHODS/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS We applied N and water, alone and in(More)
Forest fine roots contribute substantially to carbon cycling, and old growth forests have an important role in the global carbon budget. We, hence, studied temporal variation in fine root production and turnover in an old forest. Fine root dynamics were investigated, using sequential soil cores for 6 years, and related to rainfall and air temperature in a(More)
The environmental changes arising from nitrogen (N) deposition and precipitation influence soil ecological processes in forest ecosystems. However, the corresponding effects of environmental changes on soil biota are poorly known. Soil nematodes are the important bioindicator of soil environmental change, and their responses play a key role in the feedbacks(More)
In order to analyze the Bovine Serum Albumin role's in ITS-PCR technique. We observed the improvement of ITS-PCR application through added BSA in PCR systems. The result shown: In fungi ITS-PCR analysis process, adding BSA should improve the ITS-PCR amplification effect notably and reduce the amount of Taq enzymes, the best use concentration of BSA of 2(More)
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