Guangzhong Xing

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P(U-MMA-ANI) interpenetrating polymer network (IPN) damping and absorbing material is successfully synthesized by PANI particles served as an absorbing agent with the microemulsion polymerization and P(U-MMA) foam IPN network structure for substrate materials with foaming way. P(U-MMA-ANI) IPN is characterized by the compression mechanical performance(More)
In this paper, polyurethane phase change material was successfully prepared with TDI with BDO for hard segments and PEG for soft segments. Moreover, based on this the solid-solid phase change material, A-PCM1030 which can release anions was prepared with the successful addition of anion additives A1030 for the first time. Then the test of the above material(More)
In this paper, bamboo fibers were utilized in synthesizing the cellulose carbamate (CC) together with urea for the first time. This paper explored the impact of a serious of factors on Nitrogen content of CC, including the concentration of sodium hydroxide solution used for activating, activation time, aging time, urea socking time, the concentration of(More)
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