Guangzhao Cui

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The vast parallelism, exceptional energy efficiency and extraordinary information density inherent in DNA molecules are being explored for computing, data storage and cryptography. DNA cryptography is a new field of cryptography arising with the research of DNA computing in recent years. In this paper, an encryption scheme is designed by using the(More)
DNA computing is a new computational paradigm by harnessing the potential massive parallelism, high density information of bio-molecules and low power consumption, which brings potential challenges and opportunities to traditional cryptography. In this paper, on the basis of reviewing the principle of DNA computing and the development situation of DNA(More)
Shuffled frog leaping (SFL) is a population based, cooperative search metaphor inspired by natural memetics. Its ability of adapting to dynamic environment makes SFL become one of the most important memetic algorithms. In order to improve the algorithmpsilas stability and the ability to search the global optimum, a novel dasiacognition componentpsila is(More)
As a special cryptography, DNA steganography is safer than ordinal cryptography, only if the primer sequences are concealed from an adversary. However, concealing the primer sequences from an adversary is not easy. Further more, it is possible for an adversary to decipher this special cryptography without the primer sequences. We have researched on how to(More)
Early detection and diagnosis of incipient faults is desirable for online condition assessment, product quality assurance, and improved operational efficiency of induction motors. The characteristic frequency component(CFC) of broken rotor bars is very close to the power frequency component in frequency domain but far less in amplitude, which brings about(More)
DNA computing is a new method of simulating biomolecular structure of DNA and computing by means of molecular biology technological computation. It introduces a fire-new data structure and calculating method, providing a new way for solving the NP-complete problem. It is a new computational method by harnessing the enormous parallel computing ability and(More)
Invasive weed optimization, which is inspired from the invasive habits of growth of weeds in nature, is a population-based intelligence algorithm. In this paper, we present invasive weed optimization with crossover operation combining the idea of the invasive weed with concepts from evolutionary algorithms. By applying the crossover operation in invasive(More)
The design of DNA sequence is important in improving the reliability of DNA computing. In order to find better DNA coding sequence, some appropriate constrained terms that DNA sequence should satisfy are selected, and then the evaluation formulas of each DNA individual corresponding to the selected constrained terms are proposed. Modified Particle Swarm(More)
The quality of DNA encoding sequences will not only directly affect the efficiency of DNA computing but also determine the reliability of the biology process. So the ideal encoding sequence design in DNA computing is one of the core issues. Because the design is a complex nonlinear constrained optimization problem, so a new Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm(More)