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Recently visual saliency has attracted wide attention of researchers in the computer vision and multimedia field. However, most of the visual saliency-related research was conducted on still images for studying static saliency. In this paper, we give a comprehensive comparative study for the first time of dynamic saliency (video shots) and static saliency(More)
Sign-random-projection locality-sensitive hashing (SRP-LSH) is a widely used hashing method, which provides an unbiased estimate of pairwise angular similarity, yet may suffer from its large estimation variance. We propose in this work batch-orthogonal locality-sensitive hashing (BOLSH), as a significant improvement of SRP-LSH. Instead of independent random(More)
To develop vincristine (VCR) and doxorubicin (DOX) co-encapsulated thermo-sensitive liposomes (VD-TSL) against drug resistance, with increased tumor inhibition rate and decreased system toxicity, improving drug targeting efficiency upon mild hyperthermia (HT) in solid tumor. Based on similar physicochemical properties, VCR and DOX were co-loaded in TSL with(More)
Extracting and mining social networks information from massive Web data is of both theoretical and practical significance. However, one of definite features of this task was a large scale data processing, which remained to be a great challenge that would be addressed. MapReduce is a kind of distributed programming model. Just through the implementation of(More)