Guangyu Chen

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Java-enabled wireless devices are preferred for various reasons. For example, users can dynamically download Java applications on demand. The dynamic download capability supports extensibility of the mobile client features and centralizes application maintenance at the server. Also, it enables service providers to customize features for the clients. In this(More)
Sparse and irregular computations constitute a large fraction of applications in the data-intensive scientific domain. While every effort is made to balance the computational workload in such computations across parallel processors, achieving sustained near machine-peak performance with close-to-ideal load balanced computation-to-processor mapping is(More)
Java is becoming the main software platform for consumer and embedded devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, TV set-top boxes, and in-vehicle systems. Since many of these systems are memory constrained, it is extremely important to keep the memory footprint of Java applications under control.The goal of this work is to enable the execution of Java(More)
The problem attacked in this paper is one of automatically mapping an application onto a Network-on-Chip (NoC) based chip multiprocessor (CMP) architecture in a locality-aware fashion. The proposed compiler approach has four major steps: task scheduling, processor mapping, data mapping, and packet routing. In the first step, the application code is(More)
Java is being widely adopted as one of the software platforms for the seamless integration of diverse computing devices. Over the last year, there has been great momentum in adopting Java technology in devices such as cell-phones, PDAs, and pagers where optimizing energy consumption is critical. Since, traditionally, the Java virtual machine (JVM), the(More)
It is suggested that structurally segregated and functionally specialized brain regions are mediated by synchrony over large-scale networks in order to provide the formation of dynamic links and integration functions. The existence of negative synchrony, or negative functional connectivity (NFC), however, has been a subject of debate in terms of its origin,(More)
The capabilities of applications executing on embedded and mobile devices are strongly influenced by memory size limitations. In fact, memory limitations are one of the main reasons that applications run slowly or even crash in embedded/mobile devices. While improvements in technology enable the integration of more memory into embedded devices, the amount(More)
In many embedded systems, existence of a data cache might influence the effectiveness of process scheduling policy significantly. Consequently, a scheduling policy that takes inter-process data reuse into account might result in large performance benefits. In this paper, we focus on array-intensive embedded applications and present a locality-conscious(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate the clinical features and therapeutic results of multiple approaches for congenital absence of the vagina, and to find out the prevention of complications and reconstruction method. METHODS We analysed retrospectively 126 patients with congenital absence of the vagina from 1979 to 2002. RESULTS Congenital absence of the vagina(More)