Guangyong Zhou

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The holographic recording characteristics of phenanthrenequinone- (PQ-) doped poly(methyl methacrylate) are investigated. The exposure sensitivity is characterized for single-hologram recording, and the M/# is measured for samples as thick as 3 mm. Optically induced birefringence is observed in this material.
Incorporating active media into three-dimensional (3D) photonic crystals (PCs) is a useful step towards exploring the functionalities of PCs. Here we report, for the first time, on the fabrication of 3D woodpile PCs with a commercial PbSe quantum dot (QD) composite material by using the two-photon polymerization technique. The fabricated crystals possess(More)
For the first time to our knowledge the observation of near-IR multiple higher-order stopgaps in three-dimensional photonic crystals (PhCs) fabricated using the direct-laser-writing method in thick chalcogenide glass films is reported. The fabrication and etching conditions necessary to realize well-defined structures are presented. The fabricated PhCs(More)
Direct optical fabrication of 3D photonic crystals in a high refractive index LiNbO3 crystal by using the femtosecond laser-induced microexplosion method is investigated. The focal distortion, caused by the refractive index mismatch-induced spherical aberration, can be significantly reduced by using a so-called threshold fabrication method. As a result, 3D(More)
We report on the experimental observation of "focus splitting" when light is tightly focused into a uniaxial lithium niobate crystal along its optical axis. This effect consists in the focal spot being split into two major sub-peaks along the axial direction. For the microfabrication applications such as three-dimensional photonic crystal fabrication and(More)
Micro-sized void spheres are successfully generated in a solid polymer by use of a tightly focused femtosecond laser beam from a high-repetition-rate laser oscillator. Confocal reflection images show that the void spheres are longitudinal rotational symmetric ellipsoids with a ratio of long to short axes of approximately 1.5. Layers of void spheres are then(More)
The linear and nonlinear optical properties of a new organic dye, trans-4-[p-(N-ethyl-N-ethylamino)-styryl]-N-methyl-pyridinium tris(thiocyanato) cadmates (II), are reported in this paper. When pumped with a picosecond laser at the wavelength range of 850-1200 nm, intense upconversion fluorescence can be obtained. The upconversion efficiencies at different(More)
We report on the fabrication and characterization of void-based body-centered-cubic (bcc) photonic crystals in a solidified transparent polymer by the use of a femtosecond laser-driven microexplosion method. The change in the refractive index in the region surrounding the void dots that form the bcc structures is verified by presenting confocal microscope(More)
A new organic dye, trans-4, 4'-bis(pyrrolidingl) stilbene (BPAS), with large two-photon absorption (TPA) and three-photon absorption (3PA) has been synthesized. The molecular TPA cross section sigma2' at 550-670 nm and the 3PA cross section sigma3' at 720-1000 nm have been measured. The biggest sigma2' and sigma3' was 5.77 x 10(-47) cm4s/photon and 27 x(More)
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